Clavister SSL VPN

How to connect to Clavister SSL VPN client

This guide contains 2 main procedures.
Starting from point 1 – How to download the Clavister SSL VPN client and configuration file and
Starting from point 3 – How to connect using the installed client.

  1. Using Google Chrome (or any other browser) browse to https://<> (usually and logon with the credentials provided.
  2. First download and install the Clavister SSL VPN client for Windows, then download and run the configuration. Skip to point 4.
  3. Start the Clavister SSL VPN client either from the start menu or, if already started, from the system tray by right click and choose Connect.
  4. Using the same credentials as in step 1, connect the Clavister SSL VPN client. Username and server are prefilled. Add your password.
  5. When connected, you will see a notification bubble in the system tray
  6. When done, disconnect by right clicking on the system tray icon and choose Disconnect.